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Brotherhood Foundry

...than we've allowed ourselves to become. Men become their best in the company of other men committed to complete honesty.
In the heat of this honesty, we recognize parts that no longer serve us and let them go. Brothers care about each other's future and offer heartfelt constructive criticism, not insults


Like hot iron, we reform ourselves and each other with blow after blow of blunt truth.
Because of the trust that forms over time, we know the other men speak with deep compassion. We take in their feedback and come back more refined, week after week.

Steel works

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What is the Brotherhood Foundry?

It's the place where men agree to complete honesty & build bonds of brotherhood.

Brotherhood is essential for men to achieve their best. It's the bond that develops between men who engage in meaningful conversations, share stories, and support each other. We cultivate brotherhood through men's groups: a space where men can be vulnerable and honest to connect on a deeper level.


Men expect to step into discomfort, offering and receiving uncomfortable honesty. Men are seen and heard in a way most have never experienced. Men grow and thrive in collaboration and healthy competition.


Ultimately, brotherhood serves as the foundation upon which men build themselves. 

Are you looking to grow through brotherhood?

Our Services


The Book

My book teaches the use of lucid meditation for inner growth, specifically in the area of shadow work, which involves discovering and clearing old emotional wounds. The book offers insights and exercises for readers to work through repressed emotions and bring the unconscious self into alignment with the conscious self.


The Group

The confidential space where men gather to share experiences, connect with each other, and build bonds of brotherhood. We support each other's personal growth and development through honest critical feedback and a commitment to showing up in each other's lives.



One-on-One guided sessions of Lucid Meditation with Brady. These sessions accelerate your exploration of repressed emotion, reintegration of shadow and reclamation of your full self. 



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Curious to see what clients are saying? Browse through some testimonials below to get a better idea of service you’ll receive.

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Kevin L.

Brady is a beacon for brotherhood! He is a compassionate leader who knows when to connect, when to challenge and when to comfort. My relationships with others and myself have vastly improved since joining his men’s group. The result is I am a better father, brother, husband, son, friend, and man since joining Brady. If you want to discover who you are, who you hope to be, and how to get there, sign up now!

Daniel Bach 2_edited.jpg

Daniel B.

Brady has been an incredible captain, mentor and friend. I have often appreciated his ability to be attentive, offer meaningful insights and valid criticisms. Brady has an incredible ability to uncover, pinpoint, and call out hidden or uncomfortable issues and emotions. The many group processes I’ve experienced with him have been insightful and impactful. More than anything I’ve appreciated, his consistency and standard of work. Ho!

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Aric J.

I've known Brady Kirk for three and a half years. The total of that time, he has been a captain of the two squads that I've been a part of. Stability is the first word that stands out, along with balance. Conveyed through his experience and a depth of wisdom that reaches from beyond his years. The platform that these characteristics have provided me, and undoubtedly many others, is the space from which I've achieved the growth I have while engaging in men's work. It's also easy to say that his influence and inspiration go beyond the organizations he's involved in. He's as much an example as a leader, tirelessly living the life he teaches. With the utmost sincerity, I'm endlessly grateful for all that he has given.

Nik C.

Brady holds a container for me to show up - to push on parts of myself I tend to ignore or silence. Since joining his mens group almost two years ago, I've unlocked my potential and pushed through the most difficult time of my life as a man. I'm a different, better man because of the work that Brady has led. The accountability of brotherhood is something I was missing until I found my squad. As iron sharpens iron, the men in my squad help me become a better man, husband, father, son, friend, leader at work and more aligned with myself. Fight against the status quo - you were meant for more. Show up and do the work. Your future self thanks you.

Maciej M.

Brady has the steady hand of a seasoned captain. I feel safe to share in the meetings he leads. He creates the right ratio of freedom and discipline. I love the fact the he promotes men helping each other and steps in with his wisdom when needed. He has been a great captain and a dear friend.

Graham W.

Brady is a savvy leader capable of creating a container in which men can grow.

Justin S.

Expressing myself once remained in a vacuum. It stayed there, it manifested into discomfort and anxiety. The Brotherhood provided witness to the sharing of those discomforts. It normalized my internal judgements. Through the experience of Brady and his framework and processes i have learn to let go of my judgements.

Keith A.

Brady knows when to talk and when to listen. He offers an unique ability to hone in on my emotions and issues, and offers credible insite to steer me in a good direction. His individual goal setting instructions, followed with an accountability partner has made me into a better person, observable by my friends and family.

Matthew R.

I always leave Brady’s men’s group sessions a better and happier man. This work is challenging, but I feel without doubt he always holds my best interest in heart. Through his leadership I’ve gained a community of brothers that allow me to practice giving and receiving support throughout the ups and downs of life. My time with Brady continues to be an invaluable experience on my journey of personal growth and accomplishment.

Marek M.

Brady's experience, patience, and wisdom beyond his years have helped me learn, grow and develop into the well rounded man I am today.

Marc S.

With his steadfast resolve to tell the truth and offer compassion, Brady’s guidance helped me in a moment of loss when I was feeling vulnerable. I have him to thank for helping me find the next step forward in my life. Brady has a deep understanding of men’s issues that goes back many years. His skilled communication and unique ability to chart new mental pathways helps men make sense of and move forward in their lives. Brady’s words were a ledge for me to pull myself higher into the life I wanted for myself.

Matt G.

Being in Brady’s squad has helped me grow as a person, leader and partner. With a mix of gentleness, tough love and wisdom, Brady helps men do the deep inner work that changes lives. Being in a group with Brady will challenge and help you to break through, get unstuck and show up more fully in your life.


Based in Canada & Founding Brotherhood Around the World!


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Brady Kirk

I have consistently practiced men's work since 2015 and led men's groups since 2017. My expertise in this field and my passion for helping men through their inner journeys qualify me to lead these meetings and guide men toward growth and self-discovery. I've written a book on inner growth techniques, particularly meditation and lucid dreaming. My experiences as a father and husband also give me valuable insight into men's challenges in their personal and professional lives.

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